3m retiree store

3m retiree store

The new employeeretiree estore is now live! If you are a 3m us employee click here to go to the new site. Retirees please note that you might need to re-register for access to the new site.

Newsletter, benefit information, employee store and 3m club access, volunteer opportunities and recent 3m new for 3m united states retirees.

Access your 3m retiree non-medicare eligible hra your benefits. 3m online store and merchandise 3m club retiree benefits resources get information on 3m community giving, including matching gifts, volunteerism and more 3mgives 3mgives.

Due to current health concerns regarding the covid-19 virus, access to all 3m sites is restricted to business critical personnel who are unable to work from home.

3m alumni volunteerism 3m alumni volunteers give their time, talent and experience in many ways. The 3mgives volunteer alumni program launched in 1984 as 3mers wanted to give back to their communities in retirement. Many retirees who volunteer say the experience is so personally valuable that it has become an important lifelong learning.

At 3m, we are dedicated to helping you enjoy your retirement years. A centerpiece of these efforts is the 3m 401(k) plan, which gives both active and retired employees a powerful resource to save before, during and after retirement.

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3m retiree store

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