A3 miner price

A3 miner price

Power consumption 1275w 7 (at the wall, with apw3, 93 efficiency, 25c ambient temp) 3. 56mjmh7 (at the wall, with apw3, 93 efficiency, 25c ambient temp) 4.

If you are looking to mine blake 2b mining algorithm coin this would be the most efficient asic miner for it.

Item 3 bitmain antminer a3 815g blake 2b algorithm siacoin mining machine asic miner 3 - bitmain antminer a3 815g blake 2b algorithm siacoin mining machine asic miner 65.

Antminer a3 for mining blake (2b) - 820 ghs hashrate and 1280 w power consumption.

Mining currency blake2b coins siacoin siaclassic (scc) spacecash (space) mining hashrate 815 ghs estimated power consumption 1275 w efficiency 0.

The antminer a3 has formed some controversy and nearly encountered a hard-fork with the siacoin developers, however, is still at this moment mining siacoin with no end in the near future. The daily earnings and profit from the antminer a3 range from 6-25 depending on the price of siacoin and the difficulty.

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A3 miner price

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A3 miner price

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