American express cryptocurrency ripple

American express cryptocurrency ripple

  amex launches cryptocurrency business payments using ripple. (reuters) american express has introduced cryptocurrency payments for us corporate customers sending funds to uk-based firms that bank with santander. American express said its fx international payments (fxip) business had partnered with ripple to provide real-time, trackable non-card.

  the vice president of american express colin oflaherty on wednesday confirmed that the company was officially using xcurrent, a blockchain-based financial solution from ripple inc. Oflaherty, who doubles as the general manager of global commercial services uk & russia, spoke at the last day of the money 2020 event held in amsterdam.

  american express opens first blockchain corridor with ripple tech.

American express (axp) is officially using ripples (xrp) xcurrent the money 2020event came to a close on the 6th of june in amsterdam. The event is a global event hosted in different cities to bring together the best minds in fintech, financial systems and now recently, blockchain technology.

Xrp ripple xrp had a rollercoaster ride on thursday on the news that american express has teamed up with ripple for cross-border payments. This partnership with ripple will enable instant blockchain-based payments for u.

  ripple is the prime mover in cryptocurrency real-world adoption. No matter the revolution that is bitcoin, or the promise and power of ethereum, ripple is the industrys 1 movershaker. American express is just the latest in a series of conventional fintech giants acknowledging this fact.

Other popular cryptocurrencies include ethereum, litecoin, dash and monero. The international digital payments protocol ripple has its own native cryptocurrency. Both ethereum and bitcoin have clones new cryptocurrencies created by a technical change, known as a hard fork.

  payments made by american express business customers on its fxip platform will now be routed through ripples enterprise blockchain network.

  american express will use ripples xcurrent blockchain to facilitate payments from customers to smes. Is a leading provider of blockchain technology to banks and corporations. The companys flagship blockchain platform, ripplenet, hosts two key products xcurrent and xrapid.

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American express cryptocurrency ripple

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