Aspen or pine bedding for guinea pigs

Aspen or pine bedding for guinea pigs

Aspen bedding is the right choice of bedding if you want to use a wood shaving type of bedding in your guinea pigs enclosure.

  unlike softwood shavings, aspen bedding for guinea pigs do not have the dangerous volatile oil.

If you want to use wood-based guinea pig bedding but are concerned about volatile wood oils, aspen bedding is the safest choice.

  pine wood shavings are a great bedding for your guinea pigs because they are absorbent, have a pleasant natural aroma and are a soft natural bedding that is gentle to their delicate skin. However, it is essential you buy good quality shavings that are kiln dried and dust extracted.

  were comparing aspen bedding for guinea pigs to hemp and pine bedding to see what the differences are and to find out which one we think is best.

  aspen is a safe and hygienic bedding option for guinea pigs, and this aspen bedding from small pet select is one of the best choices on the market. Made from kiln-dried aspen logs, this bedding has absolutely no additives.

  if you do prefer to use pine, opt for high-quality kiln-dried shavings that are smooth and that dont have a strong pine odor. Cedar shavings should not be used (ever) for guinea pigs, as they can cause skin allergies and other serious health problems. Aspen is an excellent alternative if you prefer to use wood shavings.

Aspen is a hardwood shaving which does not have the problems with phenols associated with the softwood beddings such as pine and cedar. Aspen can be hard to find and very hard to find in large quantities.

The bedding we recommend for outdoor guinea pigs are pine shavings or aspen shavings but add bedding hay (not straw) to the sleeping quarters for warmth. Adding a layer of newspaper under the bedding is especially beneficial for an outdoor hutch as it does make cleaning out much quicker.

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Aspen or pine bedding for guinea pigs

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Aspen or pine bedding for guinea pigs

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