Big score subtle or obvious

Big score subtle or obvious

I went with subtle the first time around, then replayed it going obvious and ended up with more cash. As you fight, note that the take amount shown in the lower-right corner is rising steadily! The big score is the final heist mission in igns grand theft auto 5 walkthrough.

  the obvious approach will get the highest revenue as in the subtle approach the player will have to pay a 300,000 bribe, a minimum of 30,000 to upgrade the bravados and requires a bigger and more expensive crew. The best options are taliana martinez (5) and karim denz (8) as drivers.

The big score is the final heist mission in igns grand theft auto 5 walkthrough.

Do the one where you dont have to collect the cars, that was a major pain in the ass.

  gta 5 the big score is the final and biggest heist mission that protagonists michael de santa, trevor philips and franklin clinton execute. It is one of the last and most complicated missions in the storyline.

The big score is the final heist mission in igns grand theft auto 5 walkthrough. If youve followed my suggestions so far, you can choose a crew that will work for either the obvious or subtle method and save you millions of dollars in the process.

The big score is the sixth and final heist mission and the penultimate mission in grand theft auto v given by and for protagonists franklin clinton, michael de santa and trevor philips from the vanilla unicorn stripclub in strawberry, los santos. For choice b (the obvious approach) you will need 2 gunmen and 2 drivers.

You dont need a hacker like you do in the subtle approach, so thats less money going to a crew member there. Plus even though you still need 2 drivers, only the helicopter pilot needs to be a good one the one on the train will still get the job done even if they are a bad driver.

  first, you need to steal a cutter for the driller task from a wareh this guide will highlight the main mission strategies and gold medal requirements needed to the first ba.

If you choose to do this, you will only get about 18mill between each character at the end, if you go the dumb (obvious) way, you will get around 30 mill between each character.

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Big score subtle or obvious

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