Can you cross play madden 20 xbox ps4

Can you cross play madden 20 xbox ps4

  madden 20 will also unfortunately not have any sort of cross-save functionality either. Madden players on xbox one, playstation 4 or pc will not be able to share save data, dlc, or mut purchases.

  you want to play your buddies on xbox, buy the game, then you have friends on ps4, have to buy that game as well. Yes it might only be throwing a random number out there 5, but its a extra 5 which is a big chunk of change.

  while eablueberry did confirm that players wont be able to cross-play between ps4 and ps5 and xbox one and xbox series x, it is unknown if cross-play between the ps5 and xbox series x is possible. Who knows, maybe fans of madden nfl 21 will finally be able to compete against one another across platforms upon the arrival of the next-gen consoles.

  games like madden 19 arent currently cross-platform because ea runs their pc servers through origin and not microsoft, but that could also change.

  that means that ps4 players wont be able to play against ps5 players, and xbox one and xbox series x players also will not be able to play against one another.

  more specifically, an ea community manager confirmed last month that madden nfl 21 does not have cross-play functionality.

  satfreaktom264 cross-play isnt supported for next gen consoles as far as we are aware.

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Can you cross play madden 20 xbox ps4

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