Canara bank platinum debit card airport lounge access

Canara bank platinum debit card airport lounge access

Canara debitcredit card offers airport lounge access canara rupay platinum debit card canara mastercard platinum debit card canara rupay select credit card canara mastercard world credit card complimentary insurance shopping & lifestyle dining.

  the platinum debit card offered by canara bank is a premier variant. With top-of-the-line offers, assistance, emergency services, security features and more, this card is a very attractive option to those who are eligible for it. The card also caters to those who travel a lot with a number of travel.

  most of the mastercard debit cards issued by private banks like axis bank, hdfc bank comes with minimum of 2 lounge access per quarter.

  not many are aware that the debit card in their wallet can get them complimentary access to airport lounges. Debit cards issued by popular banks like hdfc bank, icici bank, axis bank etc. Mastercard india has the most generous airport lounge access program followed by visa and rupay.

  lounge access is provided only to members and this membership comes with annual membership fee. For instance, for a standard priority pass the annual membership fee is 99.

Program is open only for card holders carrying a valid and eligible rupay platinum debit card issued in india. Only two free access per card holder per calendar quarter will be permitted subject to maximum of 8 (eight) airport lounge access per year. Unutilized access will lapse at the end of quarter and cannot be carried to next quarter.

The platinum card from american express is the best card for airport lounge access, providing cardholders with the amex global lounge collection. That includes the fairly common priority pass select membership, along with access to the more exclusive amex centurion lounges , plus delta sky clubs and a variety of others.

Rupay platinum debit card- airport loung e program terms and condition s card shall mean rupay pla num debit card issued by par cipa ng banks of npci. Card holders shall mean such customers to whom a card has been issued and who is authorized to hold the card.

Lounge access rupay platinum airport lounge access program provides access to the participating lounges two (2) times per calendar quarter per card in any of the 29 participating airport lounges. The list of domestic airport will be updated at regular interval.

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Canara bank platinum debit card airport lounge access

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