Capitec private wealth

Capitec private wealth

With global one you get a transaction account, 4 free savings plans, personalised credit options, and insurance all in one place. Use your capitec debit or credit card to access your accounts, and easily manage your money on our cellphone banking app or internet banking anywhere 247.

Capitec bank is an authorised financial services provider (fsp 46669) and registered credit provider (ncrcp13).

They aim to take personalized portfolios to the next level by offering multi-level solutions that are open architecture, allowing their usersfinancial advisorsto keep their brand, investment strategies, custodians, and favorite technology tools.

The bank offers savings, insurance, credit facilities, and online banking services.

This credit estimate provides you with the credit plans you could qualify for. If credit is granted it will be subject to you submitting a credit application and capitec bank performing a full credit assessment. You agree that capitec bank may subsequently contact you regarding this estimate.

  private wealth platinum private banking (bundled) private banking signature banking r1.

  with private banking, you get invites to exclusive events and travel like no other. Investments are closely monitored by your private banker who is qualified in such dealings. Best private bank account in south africa is fnb private wealth account. With private banking, saving may not be the main priority but getting things done is the main.

To achieve inflation beating returns by acquiring undervalued and high yield jse listed companies and selling overpriced low yield companies. The majority of the capital is invested in blue chip companies.

Create or preserve wealth you can select from focused equity funds or a selection of balanced funds that provide access to a spread of equity, property, cash, and fixed income instruments. Liquidity w&i domestic unit trust funds provide daily access to your investment.

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Capitec private wealth

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