Cheapest jfk parking rates

Cheapest jfk parking rates

The parking rates and can be anywhere from 35 to 39 per day. Jfk airport connects to the nyc subway, long island rail road, and air tran jfk.

  how much does it cost to use john f kennedy airport long term overnight parking? Jfk economy lot is the cheapest self long term parking lot - the daily rate is 18.

  long-term parking rates at jfk vary in each lot and garage.

To get cheap jfk parking, you can visit one of our customer favorites, such as bolt parking jfk or smartpark jfk.

Jfk parking rates at the green, orange, and red parking garages are 4 per 30 minutes and 8 per hour, with a daily maximum of 35. Parking rates at the blue and yellow garages are a little more expensive at 5 per 30 minutes and 10 per hour, with a daily maximum of 39.

  parking at jfk varies between short term rates and long term rates. Short term is 4 per 30 minutes, up to a maximum of 35 per day. Long term rates are 18 for the first 24 hours, and then 6 for each additional 8 hour period.

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Cheapest jfk parking rates

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