Current bitcoin misery index

Current bitcoin misery index

  what is bitcoin misery index? As the popularity and interest in bitcoin grew, the threats to its stability grew likewise, leading to the formulation of the misery index.

  the bitcoin misery index (bmi) is a tool that traders can use to gain a better understanding of the current sentiment in the digital currency market. To put it simply, the bitcoin misery index measures bitcoins momentum based on its volatility and current trading value.

Similar to other sentiment indicators, the bitcoin misery index is meant to be a contrarian indicator.

The index bitcoin misery index is called the bitcoin misery index (bmi) and was designed as a trading tool for investors to take advantage of volatility in btc exchanges. The index incorporates the percentage of winning trades to total trades, as well as. The bitcoin misery index (bmi) was created in bitcoin misery index 2018 by tom lee, a co-founder of fundstrat global advisors.

  wall street analyst tom lee creates a misery index that lets traders know how miserable bitcoin hodlers are based on current prices.

  fundstrats tom lee current bitcoin misery index never been reported in bear market.

  lee has recently declared that right now is the best time to buy bitcoin because the bitcoin misery index (bmi) is at the misery level. Lee made these assertions in an interview with cnbc on friday, march 9, 2018, where he said that the current bitcoin index is at 18.

  well, it boils down to what the bitcoin misery index is describing. The fundstrat bitcoin misery index back in march, fundstrat launched the bitcoin misery index, which is essentially a way for investors to know if holders of the coin are miserable or not.

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Current bitcoin misery index

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