Dsb 1 lounge københavn

Dsb 1 lounge københavn

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Best train stations near dsb 1 lounge - kbenhavns hovedbanegrd, nrreport station, christianshavn station, dybblsbro station, sterport station, kongens nytorv, frederiksberg station, carlsberg station, nordhavn station, vanlse station.

There is a first class lounge with complimentary tea, coffee, water, chocolate and free wifi available in the main hall on the platform 12 side, open mondays-fridays 0600-1500. You can use the lounge if you have a dsb 1st class ticket for a danish domestic journey.

Business lounge, meeting rooms, day offices and shower facilities as well as permanent offices and flexible working stations. In sas gold lounge in terminal 3 you can enjoy a packed lunch as takeaway. The lounge also offers smart office space and wifi high speed.

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Dsb 1 lounge københavn

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