Economy car rentals fair fuel policy

Economy car rentals fair fuel policy

Louez vos voitures en 3 minutes plus de 7 million de clients rating 9,3.

  a fair fuel policy (also known as full-to-full or same-to-same) means youll only pay for the fuel you use. All car rental deals compared on travelsupermarket come with a fair fuel policy, so you can book your hire car safe in the knowledge there will be no nasty surprises at drop-off. More information on travelsupermarkets commitment to fair fuel policies can be found here.

Simple mathematics showed that the cost of a car hire is not 4 per day and that the local companies were making up the lack of rental price with the overinflated cost of a tank of fuel and the inevitable return of the fuel which would be topped up and sold to the next customer.

Depending on current fuel prices and the size of the cars fuel tank, this charge is usually somewhere between 10 and 40. Your refund may be based on eighths of a tank so if you dropped the car off with a tank thats almost full, you would be refunded for 78 of a tank.

This means that you either collect the vehicle full of fuel and return full, return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel or collect the car with a quarter of a tank of fuel and return empty.

We dont agree with charging for unused fuel, so you only pay for the fuel you use. Bookings can be cancelled with a full refund up to 48 hours before the rental starts.

Economycarrentals has provided millions of customers with the best possible guaranteed price for their car rental. Displayed prices are the best daily rates found by our customers during the last two weeks.

The fuel policy explains how you will pay for the fuel and whether you need to fill the tank before you return the car or not. There is a certain fuel policy for each car rental company displayed on the terms and conditions section, on your confirmation voucher and on the rental agreement provided by the car rental company at the counter.

If you dont choose the fuel service option and you bring the car back less than full, youll pay a fuel service charge. If you drive 75 miles or more, depending on whether or not you bought fuel during your rental, this charge will be a per-mile or per-gallon rate and will be stated on your rental agreement.

  drivers under the age of 25 must have their own valid full automobile policy or be named as a driver on an active automobile policy. Drivers under the age of 25 will be charged an under-age driver fee of 25 per day and are only allowed to rent economy through full-size cars.

Louez vos voitures en 3 minutes plus de 7 million de clients rating 9,3.

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Economy car rentals fair fuel policy

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Economy car rentals fair fuel policy

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