Edward jones american funds fees

Edward jones american funds fees

Below is an alphabetical listing of fees and expenses associated with mutual funds that may be available for purchase in employer retirement plan accounts held at edward jones.

  edward jones can handle your entire investment life while youre busy with other things.

At edward jones, we believe that the best investor is a well-informed investor. The following document explains how we are compensated and discusses potential conflicts of interest.

75 is gone immediately to pay the cover charge into that fund.

Edward jones does not charge commissions or fees on the purchase or sale of money market mutual funds. However, additional fees, such as minimum balance fees, may apply. Retirement share class - 3 each month the balance is below 1,500 investment share class - 3 each month the balance is below 2,500.

Edward jones schedule of fees for simple, traditionalsep and roth ira accounts. Minimum 50 per calendar year per position held in the account. Some of these fees may not apply to accounts in edward jones advisory solutions or the edward jones managed account program (map).

  the cost of being screwed by edward jones fees cumulative 10-year loss on 4,000 initial investment a minimum of 1,100. The bottom line is that actively managed funds very rarely outperform the stock market as a whole. Even if they do, that margin is often negated by the excessive fees charged along the way.

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Edward jones american funds fees

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