Icici student travel card

Icici student travel card

In order to redeem the voucher, the customer shall be required to use the voucher code on isic website and follow the below steps visit httpsisic. Select virtual isic card and click on order card to apply for icici bank isic card.

Enter your user id (16-digit card number) and password (web pin) click on the tab ecom card details and select the option of activation for the period of 24 hours. Select word active from drop-down list and enter the required amount for online transaction and submit.

Insert your card in the specified slot and select the language.

Select your language preference select option 2 for credit card or prepaid cards then, enter the 16-digit number on your card in case you are calling from a local number belonging to any one of the following countries, please use the toll-free numbers given below.

  icici bank student travel card is available in the dollar, pound, euro, australian dollar and canadian dollar. It is valid for three years and can be applied for from any foreign exchange-enabled icici bank branch.

  indian banking and financial services company icici bank has launched an improved version of its icici bank student travel card, to offer additional benefits to the students. The lender has introduced the new multicurrency card to provide benefits worth up to inr5,000(70).

  icici bank, the countrys largest private sector bank, has launched icici bank student travel card. This will enable students going abroad for higher studies to take care of their expenses. The card offers both students and parents a convenient, safe and hassle-free way to manage their education-related expenses abroad.

  who offers these cards for students? As of now in india, icici bank and hdfc bank offers such cards especially made for students going to foreign countries for higher studies. Icici bank has launched student travel card (that can be used to avail international student identity card (isic) membership) whereas hdfc has launched isic student id forexplus card.

  icici bank student travel card is available in five currencies usd, euro, gbp, aud and cad. It has a validity of three years and can be applied from any foreign exchange- enabled icici bank branch. Anyone, including non-customers of the bank, can apply for this card.

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Icici student travel card

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