M1a scout bipod adapter

M1a scout bipod adapter

M1a m14 bipod adapter has been added to your cart add a gift receipt for easy returns. Videos 360 view images m1a m14 bipod adapter brand mim manufacturer bipod accessory.

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Sadlak industries reinforced qd post assembly for m14m1a stocks 34. Sadlak industries m14m1a light duty aluminum front rail with qd stud 48. Sadlak industries m14m1a heavy duty front rail, steel low profile 48.

This adapter will work on any m14 or m1a rifle with wood or polymer stock. With this adapter you can install a sling swivel stud on your stock so you can attach any harris bipod to it. Works with the m1a or m14 rifles with both wood or polymer stocks.

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M1am14 bipod adapter plate with sling attachment towards the rear so you can mount the bipod forward. Your 1 source for ar-15, ak, armor, shotgun and precision rifle products.

  re m1a guys- which harris bipod adapter do i want i tried both but couldnt get clearance without taking off too much material for me to feel comfortable. Theres going to be significant stress on that stud so you dont want it to be flimsy.

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M1a scout bipod adapter

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M1a scout bipod adapter

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