Maladath classic wow

Maladath classic wow

He had told me that with using the maladath as a fury warrior that he was able to grind mobs for quests pretty effectively, and it also helped out a great deal for tanking.

Maladath, runed blade of the black flight is a epic one-hand sword with a damage of 86 - 162 (56. This item is added in world of warcraft classic content phase 3.).

He had told me that with using the maladath as a fury warrior that he was able to grind mobs for quests pretty effectively, and it also helped out a great deal for tanking. So, my belief on it is if you could pick this up and oh it with say a ancient qiraji ripper or an iblis, blade of the fallen seraph, you would be in pretty good hands as a warrior or a rogue.

The increase in dps from the sword isnt going to be worth the loss of stats from something like a brutality blade. The bonus gained from going beyond 308 weapon skill is so minor that it is practically nonexistent.

Maladath on horde is rogue only weapon, warriors have no benefits at all from it with edgemasters, and cant use it without too.

If you are using swords, you are probably using edgemasters. Since 309 weapon skill is the hard cap, 311 is a waste and 304 (without edgemasters ) is a dps loss (this includes dw tanks).

If you need weapon skill, be orc use an axe or buy edgemasters.

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Maladath classic wow

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