Nix hospital san antonio history

Nix hospital san antonio history

  in 1959, cyndee mills sowers was born in the car as her father earl mills, shown, drove her mother, mary lou mills to the nix hospital. When they arrived, the nurses in the maternity ward assumed.

Among the famous people born in this building are carol burnett, oliver north, and san antonios most famous mayor, henry cisneros. At its completion this was the largest and tallest hospital in the united states.

  san antonio nix medical center, the 208-bed acute care hospital in downtown san antonio, will close, prospect medical holdings inc.

  the nix hospital on the riverwalk in downtown san antonio tx. After the alamo and the tower of americas the nix professional building was established in 1930 during the heart of the great depression.

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Nix medical center, 414 navarro street, san antonio, tx 78205. Nix alamo heights, 5307 broadway street, san antonio, tx 78209.

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Nix hospital san antonio history

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