Ny discovery pass

Ny discovery pass

Explore one world observatory - entry included with the new york pass pay nothing at the door - simply show your pass. Ascend 102 stories into the sky in 47 seconds on the skypod elevator. Learn about the history of the area, the world trade center and local voices that established this strong community.

As of january 1, 2021 due to covid-19 restrictions, sales of the niagara usa discovery pass are on hold until further notice.

The new york sightseeing day pass gives you access to over 150 attractions and special offers.

Official new york sightseeing pass website - select from 2 new york pass options. See as many attractions as you like, or get nyc sightseeing flex pass and choose from 100 nyc attractions. Make most of your nyc trip & save big on nyc sightseeing tours and attractions.

The niagara usa discovery pass includes admission to the following attractions. Niagara adventure theater aquarium of niagara cave of the winds tour niagara gorge discovery center maid of the mist boat tour enjoy all these attractions with a niagara usa discovery pass and save on the prices. Purchase of the discovery pass includes one-day of unlimited rides on the niagara scenic trolley.

Quirky, smart, immersive and right next door to the much larger and more well-known museum of natural history, the new-york historical society museum offers a rich taste of new york city with a collection that includes everything from 16th-century arrowheads to almost 3,000 historical toys and games to a model of lincolns head from the same sculptor who created the lincoln memorial to a door from the first fire.

Use the new york pass to visit the empire state building, check out the view from the edge, cruise over to the statue of liberty, and much more. View the attractions list below, or switch to the new york tourist map view.

On april 1, 2019, new york state passed sweeping criminal justice reform legislation, including discovery reform, requiring prosecutors to disclose their evidence to the defense earlier in case proceedings. This document summarizes the new discovery statute, which goes into effect on january 1, 2020.

  a wallet-sized empire pass card that can be shared within a household is now available. Its a family-friendly alternative to the traditional window decal, and not assigned to a specific vehicle. The card can be used by parents, grandparents, caregivers and others. The empire pass is your key to all-season enjoyment at new york state parks.

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Ny discovery pass

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