Optimum power masterball

Optimum power masterball

  the optimum power masturball is a self-contained masturbator that looks like.

  putting calexotics optimum power masturball to the test the instructions here are straightforward put your dick in, turn it on and play with the various vibration settings and.

With the optimum power masturball the self-contained vibrating power stroker was created to indulge in a fully customizable stroking experience. The textured pleasure chamber wraps around your tight with 10 functions of vibration, 3 functions of rhythmic compression and dual vibration motors.

  developed by calexotics, the optimum power masturball looks as if its a military defense device from star wars.

The optimum power masturball is a fully self-contained vibration power stroker packed with 10 functions of vibration, 3 functions of sensational compression and pressure sensitive tickler pads for a completely customizable stroking experience.

This powerful stroker lets you customize your pleasure with pressure-sensitive tickler pads for heightened sensations and squeeze pads for tightness with three levels of compression.

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Optimum power masterball

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