Passport photo aaa office

Passport photo aaa office

Although aaa cannot issue passports, you can obtain passport photos at select local aaa office. At select local aaa office, the front receptionist will handle any passport photo requests. Aaa classic members can acquire passport photos for a nominal fee (8 per set), two free sets for aaa plus members and unlimited sets for aaa premier members per membership year.

Aaa branch offices offer passport and immigration photo services. Photos are 2 x 2 in size and conform to us passport and immigration services requirements. Prices listed below are for aaa members and their minor children (17 years and younger) aaa does not issue passports.

Passport, youll need to gather the required documents, get a passport photo, and submit your application at your local passport office.

Aaa members receive a discount on a set of two (2) passport photos taken at a aaa branch.

Passport must provide a regulation-sized photograph at time of application. The photo must be in color and measure exactly 2 inches by 2 inches.

You do not need to be a member to request aaa passport photos in one of the organizations offices. However, there are distinct discounts if you are a requestor who has an active aaa account.

One passport photo ( photo requirements) a form of payment for the passport fee ( fee calculator) for more information, such as what qualifies as evidence of u. Citizenship and the required dimensions for passport photos, visit the u.

  upload a photo, download a 46 photo template and get the passport photos at the nearest aaa for just 0. It is cheaper, faster and gets you 2 passport photos instead of 1! You will probably also save some time.

Get your passport or visa photo taken at any aaa travel store location, and you have the option of receiving a copy of your photo via email. Tip your passportvisa photo will be taken against a white background, so its best to wear a dark-colored top.

  the cheapest option for passport photos aaa your aaa membership is good for more than just flat tires! You probably think that aaa is just for roadside assistance, but every local aaa office also offers passport photo service. If you have a aaa plus or aaa premier membership, you can get your passport photo taken for free.

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Passport photo aaa office

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