Skyrim kill kematu

Skyrim kill kematu

  then at the stable meeting when he captured her i felt bad that i was sending her to her execution so i betrayed kematu and killed him, and collected the reward from saadia, but then for some reason out of nowhere lydia shows up and kills saadia.

  go to swindlers den in the west, where you can kill kematu. Even when you reach kematu, you are offered one more chance to turn your back on saadia (see below) or stain your hands with kematus.

  hey in this video i show you how to kill kematu for the quest in time of need. You should have that axe from a quest in whiterun it is actually quite useful.

  an additional point in favour of kematu is that if you kill saadia at the exchange, he laments the wasted effort, so clearly he wasnt just planning on murdering her once theyre out of your sight. Meanwhile saadias burial urn, which appears in whiterun afterwards, could have been sent back for whatever reason (e. , they didnt want the traitor buried in her ancestral home).

  at this point, players can choose to either kill kematu or side with kematu to capture saadia. If players choose the former, prepare to fight a small group of reasonably tough bandits.

If you hand saadia over, her remains show up in the hall of the dead, but if you hand her over then kill her kematu says all that effort, and you just kill her. Pretty sure the remains are an oversight due to her being part of townwhiterunfaction and the dialogue intended.

Whats fun is timing it right so kematu pays, then kill him, calm saadia when she wakes, she pays, gets pissed, attacks, and you can kill her without a bounty (if she attacks first). With the char i have now, she let kematu take saadia, and feels its right.

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Skyrim kill kematu

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