Star trek online space combat tips

Star trek online space combat tips

How do i get (much) better in space combat ? Star trek online allows the use of keybinds. One of the classic ones is the hilbert guide keybind, which is very handy for especially beginning players.

  space combat referes to any gameplay that takes place on system maps, with ships of various classes trying to outmaneuvre and get position on their opponents starship. Captains will be expected to employ a variety of strategies and tactics to ensure they achieve a victory while their enemies breathe the cold hard vacuum of space.

  star trek online learn how to setup your hud to maximize your effectiveness in space combat.

  remembering to spend these skill points is key, as your skills improve both your ground and space combat performance for you and your bridge officers.

Explanation in 3) 3rd - if enemies are showing on your screen, and you press the spacebar, it should start firing all your weapons at one of the enemies on your screen.

First you will begin as an ensign, and play through the tutorial. The tutorial is fairly short, but leads you through the basics of ground combat and space combat. At the end of it, you will be in command of your tier-1 (miranda or similar) ship.

  the content of this videos is to showcase how easy it is to enhance your dps(damage per second) using a traditional tactics.

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Star trek online space combat tips

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