Steam link no host computers found

Steam link no host computers found

  my pc is connected to the modem as well, but via powerline adapter. When i turn on my steam link, it continuously goes to the no host computers found message. The weird thing is, i have a linux laptop with steam on it, and the pc is able to connect to the laptop (connected to modem with ethernet) via in-home streaming, and actually play games.

I have enabled streaming in steam, i am online, ethernet cables all work (wouldnt have been able to download on the link, pc or ps4 if that were true). Ive tried to change the ip address to the one the link uses when it uses wifi (wifi works, ethernet doesnt).

Steam link issues no host computer found on a wired connection? My link and the pc are both attached to the same router via ethernet.

Why cant i connect to my host computer? One of the most common causes for this issue is interfering software, such as a firewall or anti-virus software. Please review the programs which may interfere with steam article. Alternatively, from the steam link main menu, highlight your host computer, then press the y button to start the network test.

A possibility could be that the steam link is not getting an ip address while wired. -test the ethernet cable youre using for the steam link and make sure that it is working. -go into router settings and clear dhcp cache andor up the amount of max clients.

There is currently no indication of whether steam is able to bind the discovery port 27036, but if that fails no other computers will show up in the remote computer list in the remote play settings. If a game takes a long time to launch, it will time out on the client but will start anyway.

Make sure that your streaming client and host are prioritized in these settings. You can also enable network prioritization within steam in-home streaming settings. Go to steam settings in-home streaming advanced host options, and check the prioritize network traffic option at the bottom.

  install steam link from your favorite app store connect to your pc thats running steam and youre ready to play! Just add internet using steam link, you can connect to any computer thats running steam - either on a local network or over the internet. For best performance, use 5g, wifi or a wired ethernet connection.

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Steam link no host computers found

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