T56 high performance rebuild kit

T56 high performance rebuild kit

T56 stage 2 rebuild kit oem tremec or partial aftermarket this kit will fit camaro, firebird, viper & cobra t56 transmissions. This stage 2 kit is highly recommended for t56 transmissions to increase horse power to the 600 - 650 hp range.

Now the t56 is a high-torque capacity manual made for custom, retro-fit installations with chevrolet performance crate engines. It consists of a clutch, transfer case, gearbox, cardan shaft, in addition to the main gear, differential, and cv joints or joints of equal angular speeds.

The billet plate pricing includes the tick performance hi-flow trans pump kit (with filter and fittings). Since our transmission rebuild packages are designed for use in high abuse racing applications,.

Tick performance level 1 t56 magnum, magnum f, & magnum xl rebuild (900rwtq) for ford mustang msrp 2,399.

We offer quality t56 manual transmission parts, rebuild kits and parts. We have include information on how to identify individual transmissions, application information, model year, and detailed kit and part availability by transmission type.

  check out this t56 build for a chevrolet camaro with the help of d&d performance only at www.

  tick performance offers levels 1 through 5 upgrades, where levels 1 through 3 are rebuilds of your provided transmission, and levels 3.

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T56 high performance rebuild kit

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T56 high performance rebuild kit

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