Tenx pay wallet

Tenx pay wallet

What is tenx (pay) tenx is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet and payments application that is connected to a visa-issued debit card. Pay is the native token of the tenx application, where users can buy and sell a range of cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin.

Tenx is an erc20 token operating on the ethereum blockchain which allows it to be stored on a wide range of wallets of both the hardware and software variety.

Start managing your cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin from one place.

Tenx (pay) is a payments platform that aims to enable users to use cryptocurrency for daily transactions. The company aims to accelerate crypto adoption for mainstream consumers. The pay token is the cryptocurrency that the network uses for transactions.

  tenx wallet and debit card support three cryptocurrencies bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and pay token, the wallet native token.

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Tenx pay wallet

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Tenx pay wallet

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