The royal air force witcher 3

The royal air force witcher 3

The royal air force is a treasure hunt quest in the hearts of stone expansion. This treasure hunt is started by looting the remains of nicolas vogel at the vikk watchtower. With the key, make your way up to the highest level of the vikk watchtower where a chest containing some loot awaits to be opened.

  this page contains igns walkthrough for the side quest the royal air force from the witcher 3s first dlc expansion, hearts of.

Witcher 3 - hearts of stone dlctreasure huntside quest - the royal air forcethe quest obtained by going to the designated map location and then looting the.

To start this quest kill the erynia (34) and some harpies (34) and then loot the nicolas vogels laboratory notebook and chest key from a corpse you can find in the laboratorys ruins.

Next treasure hunts a surprise inheritance prev treasure hunts the cursed chapel. In the vikk watchtower (m1,20), after defeating a large group of harpies, you can enter the ruins.

Another day, another corpse and, the witcher suspected, another document revealing the tale of the deceaseds demise. Nicolas vogels laboratory notebook described the experiments the mad mage had conducted on harpies and also mentioned a hidden stash of coin.

For the witcher 3 wild hunt on the playstation 4, a gamefaqs message board topic titled the royal air force quest.

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The royal air force witcher 3

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