Tnt fedex virus

Tnt fedex virus

  new york (afp) - shipping giant fedex said wednesday that deliveries were slowed at its dutch unit tnt express after the firm was hit by the latest major computer virus.

Consequently both fedex and tnt economy and economy freight shipments that entered the network as of april 26, and that are destined for the americas will be impacted by further delays.

Laos all fedex and tnt services for the following shipments only - perishables - liquid - lithium battery, including those contained in equipment - dangerous goods (dg) temporary service suspension november 10, 2020 till further notice mongolia fedex international economy (ie) tnt.

  what is the tnt express email virus? Tnt express is a spam campaign designed to spread the agent tesla rat (remote access trojan). The term spam campaign is used to define a mass-scale operation, during which thousands of scam emails are sent.

  delivery company fedex says a recent cyber-attack cost its tnt division about 300m (221m).

  the netherlands-based tnt express is still experiencing widespread service delays following the attack, caused by the petya cyber virus that.

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Tnt fedex virus

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