Witcher 3 hearts of stone ending

Witcher 3 hearts of stone ending

  related the witcher 3 10 mistakes everyone makes while playing hearts of stone. There are two distinct endings to choose from one involves odimm taking the soul of olgierd whereas, the other has geralt outsmarting the man of glass.

  to opt for the witcher 3 hearts of stone good ending, players have to complete a side quest in whatsoever a man soweth that involves geralt choosing to.

To get the bad ending in hearts of stone expansion, choose to not help olgierd. Odimm will take his soul and will grant one of the following, whichever you choose.

  during the witcher 3 s hearts of stone expansion, geralt is forced to do the bidding of the evil gaunter odimm. The witchers main task is to end the pact between the villain and olgierd von everec. It makes for a deep and compelling narrative, and you get to decide how it all plays out. There are two distinct endings to choose from one involves.

  the witcher 3s first expansion hearts of stone is one of the rare dlc packs thats actually worth its price tag.

And no one forced him to play with black magic and make a pact with mirror man. Also he had his brother killed and turned a prince into a frog out of jealousy. The second ending (do nothing) was so much better, and you also get good rewards.

For the witcher 3 wild hunt on the playstation 4, a gamefaqs message board topic titled hearts of stone ending decisions.

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Witcher 3 hearts of stone ending

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